Hand lotion on your LV?

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  1. I'm not sure if this has been addressed before, and I searched through the FAQ's and reference library, but forgive me - there are SO many sections per subforum that my brain clamps up and shuts down from confusion :nuts:. I'm wondering if any hand lotions can be used on LV bags - particularly the mono line. I typically use Apple care products but was wondering if other more easily attainable products would do. I know in the Balenciaga subforum we use all sorts of products from vaseline to lubriderm on our bbags, so I was wondering if there's any secret product I don't know about that would similarly work for LV. Like, for example, could I use baby lotion, or another gentle lotion, on the canvas to prevent cracking? And I'm interested about the vachetta - I know it's delicate in terms of staining and the like - anything revolutionary out there that wouldn't harm the leather? My LV's are all a minimum of 2 years old, so they already have a nice, light even patina.

    Thanks for any and all advice/help/info!
  2. I use Appleguard on my vachetta and baby wipes to clean off the handles, but that's all I've tried.
  3. I personally don't use anything on my vachetta as I am a purist and prefer mine naked, but if you were going to use something, I would only recommend something specifically for leather like appleguard moisturizer or protectant. I would be afraid to put body lotion on the leather. As for the canvas, I am confused as to why you would want to put anything at all on it. It is such an easy care material. I have never heard of canvas cracking.

    I agree with the above poster about baby wipes. I accidentally got some permanent marker on my speedy handles yesterday and after I got done have a heart attack, I grabbed the closest thing I could find - a baby wipe. It got all the ink off!
  4. I wouldn't use hand lotion...it would make the handles very dark faster. You should see my cousin's Speedy 25, the handles are SO dark and it's because she always wears lotion and doesn't protect the vachetta with a real leather conditioner/protector.
  5. I use it on my Vachetta Perfo belt... I tan it every day in the (Italian) sun, and once a week I use a very mild/light Vitamin E body lotion to hydrate it. Maybe I should take a picture of the belt.
  6. I always condition the canvas with apple garde at the same time I do the handles. Over time, the canvas will get dry and crack.
  7. I was an LV reseller for a few years, and handled many, many authentic, used LV speedies (amongst other pieces, but speedies most commonly). It was rare for me to not encounter cracks on the canvas. They crack alot, most commonly between the handles, on the corners, or wherever the bag remains creased over a period of time. Look at an LV speedy that's not in use - unless you stuff it there is no way it will not crease - it's just the nature of the bag. Canvas dries - and from dryness comes cracking - big, ugly, nasty cracks.

    Canvas also cracks/peels with use. My SO's damier wallet cracked all down the "spine" after only a year of exclusive use. He's since switched to an all leather Gucci wallet, which we find is more durable for him.
  8. This is what I've been doing for years - but after reading about how so many different hand lotions can be used on bbag leather (yes, I know that's treated leather, whereas vachetta leather is naked and sensitive), I was meerly curious to see if anyone's tested alternative methods.
  9. I've tried COACH leather lotion on my speedy. Also I use KIWI protector. Both didn't make handles darker than before.
    PS: anyone use Coach lotion also? any comments?
  10. LOL...I know you have...I learned from YOU! :tup: I was replying to the other poster who had never heard of canvas cracking.
  11. ^^^ teeheehee :p
  12. I would NOT use any sort of lotion on the vachetta. They were meant to change color with TIME, a process that really cannot be rushed, or else the results could be quite disastrous (and expensive !!)....
  13. Mm-hmmm...Yeah, well, I don't want to change the color at all. I'm just asking about moisturizing the leather/canvas :tup:
  14. Please don't use hand lotion, most have some sort of oil which can leave residue on the canvas and will change the color of your leather or could stain.

    I have a petite bucket from 01 with beautiful patina and use a leather conditioner and protectant on the vachetta, canvas and vuittonite lining, once a year. Some leather conditioners can darken light vachetta so beware.

    Since you have had success with Apple products, that would be the way to go.
  15. Where can you buy the appleguard?