Hand held Popincourt, alternative to Speedy?

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  1. Hi all, I went to LV to see my options for a handheld Mono bag other than the speedy and under 1k. sooooo, i went in thinking papillon or sonatine. neither excited me. but the SA, being smart, showed me some other styles that i didn't think would interest me, but now, i'm thinking about.

    i actually like the hand held popincourt. it looked very cool when i held it.

    the only drawback is that it looks sorta like a cut off speedy b/c it's short heightwise.

    is the hand held popincourt popular?

    those who own, what do you like about it? or not like about it? i went to the popincourt club; not a lot of action photos though, which i'd like to see.

  2. its popularity is increasing.. :yes: at least in this forum
  3. I've been considering the popincourt long instead of the sonatine.... but, not sure... like the subltleness of the sonatine... Neptune has the handheld popincourt and she really loves it~!
  4. I love the popincourt! However I like bags that are deep
  5. I think its a great bag compared to the speedy. Its something that isnt seen often. The idea that its shorter in height is great because you dont have to dig. It would be perfect on days when you dont have to carry a tons and you can buy a strap to go with when you want it over your shoulder. In fact I just bought this bag and waiting for it to arrive.

  6. i think the popincourt is a great bag looks-wise. i've never tried one on or looked inside so i don't know how much room there is. but i've seen a few women sport the bag around town and it's really refreshing.
  7. I love the look of the popincourt but I am not sure it can hold as much as the speedy. I like a deeper bag. I haven't actually held one though.
  8. I don't have one, but I think it's a really cute bag!
  9. I tried on the Popincourt a couple weeks ago and loved, loved, loved it! Was roomier than I thought. But I opted for the Popincourt Haut instead because I was looking for a bag I could carry to work and wanted the versatility of being able to carry it in my hand, the bend of my arm or on my shoulder. Whereas the Popincourt is strictly a hand-held bag. But once my ban is over... I'm getting a Popincourt!
  10. I think that the Popincourt is really cute. The top opens up really wide so that you have no trouble getting stuff into the bag. The bag is a really good size and shape for carrying a lot of stuff.

    I would get it, except for one thing that annoys me (and probably no one else) -- the zipper is longer than the top of the bag and the extra long part of the zipper just hangs off the top of the bag. If the zipper could be attached to the side of the bag (like by a snap so that the zipper could be attached and unattached), then the bag would be perfect.

    But like I said, it is probably a quirk I have. But it is so cute, I may have to get it anyway!
  11. I have one and I love it. It doesn't sag like speedy.
  12. its cute
  13. I have always loved the popincourt!! so cute.
  14. I purchased the popincourt in SF back in the begining of 2006 and never used it. I really liked it in the store and thought it was so cute, so I bought it. Once I got it home it just sat in my closet for over a year. so a month or so ago I sold it on eBay for $550.
  15. I posted this in another post, but it will work here too...

    I have a Popincourt and of all my LV bags (speedy 30, petite noe, popincourt, Pochette...) the Popincourt is my favorite!!

    I'm not really a big handbag type of girl, I find the speedy 30 a bit too big for me, but I find the Popincourt to be perfect for what I carry, plus I find it holds a lot, WAY more than I ever thought it would.

    Here are some updated picture's I took of my popincourt with everything I normally carry inside.. *EDIT* I forgot to put my cell phone in there, but you can take my word that it fits with no problem!!

    Popincourt with everything inside / closed...

    Inside Popincourt...

    Everything inside...

    Inside my mini Pochette... (Hello Kitty MP4 player and Digital Camera)

    Inside my makeup bag...