Hand Carry on BA?

  1. Was wondering if anyone has flown with BA recently?
    Me, boyf and his mum are going to Hong Kong for xmas and we have been told we are allowed only ONE handcarry each. That includes my handbag.

    I have checked BA's website and its stating one, but we went to the Samsonite shop the other day and the guy there said from his experience if you fly business class (which we are) they are more lenient with your hand carry. I know from past experiences you do get more space for your handcarry with business. But its about 2 years since I have been on a plane and rules do change.

    Obviously I am not 100% sure of what I was told, so thought I would ask on here, if anyone has had first hand recent experience. I don't want to squash my handbag into some rucksack! LOL :s

  2. If I were you spangle I would call check in at Heathrow/Gatwick. I know they are very strict regarding hand carry but don't personally know if they are lenient towards business class. By lenient BA customers may be referring to specifically carrying say an item of hand luggage plus a lap top case kwim.
  3. Were having to fly from manchester to heathrow first. I should give them a call, will try that thanks.

    I did read somewhere bout a laptop/briefcase but I think that was coming back in to the UK.
  4. it's one piece of handluggage only, no exceptions. seriously. what i do is take a bigger bag than i really need and put my handbag in it for the security check, and then take it out straight afterwards.

    if you have more than one and can't fit them inside each other they send you back to check one in. it's not BA's rule, it's the BAA's and applies at pretty much every airport in the UK. there are rumours that the rule is going to be relaxed (on BA's very firm request) but i don't know when that's going to happen. when you come back you should be able to take two bags though, i don't think they have the same rule in asia.
  5. Yep, regardless of the class you are travelling in, they will make you put your handbag inside your carry on, so make sure you take a big bag so that your handbag does not get squashed. Seriously, some of the sizes of bags that they were letting on as hand luggage was quite ludecrous, a while ago it would have been sent to the hold for sure! remember not to put anything in over 75ml, so no large perfumes or deodorants etc in your handluggage either. Also, all toiletries still have to go in the plastic bag.
  6. yup, you still have the plastic bag too. but it's 100ml, not 75 ;)
  7. I have been told before that I was allowed 1 carry-on item only. On the way to Las Vegas I was allowed to carry-on my bookbag (with my purse inside) and my suitcase. On the way back to Miami I was stopped and told I was only allowed one. I had to cram my bookbag into my suitcase just so I could board the plane. Of course I took it back out the second I got inside. I guess it all depends on how strict the stewardess feels like being that day.
  8. Thanks for the info folks! That means I will deftinitely have to buy another handcarry bag. Have seen one in samsonite that the guy has assured me will be allowed on. But the price tag is a bit steep, esp if the rules change by next summer.
    Doubt I will take any liquid in my hand carry. Will buy a bottle of water once we get to duty free. Will that have to go in a clear bag aswell then, or is it ok as I will have passed security by then?
  9. after security everything is fine :yes: but since you're changing planes the bags will have to be sealed. to be sure i wouldn't buy anything liquid before heathrow unless you plan to consume it before your security check there if it doesn't fit into the plastic bag/is bigger than 100ml. creams, perfumes, gels, foundation etc also count as liquid, i just put everything that could conceivably be categorised as liquid into the little plastic bag.
  10. Right now - Its 1 piece of handluggage ONLY. but what to do is bring a huuuuuge bag(as long as it fits the size limits) and put all your bags in then after security take it all out.

    Its all being changed after new year.

  11. Im worried that they may be fussy at the security bit and say the bag is big. There were some big bags in samsonite that the guy said would be ok, but they seems huge!!
    I have made a note of the current requirements so guess I'm taking a tape measure out with me next week!

    Thanks for all your inputs folks, really appreicate it! :flowers:
  12. I flew from Manchester this year and security is strict, there are like these plastic tubs and if your handluggage does not fit in them then they will not let you through (they are like so you can try size out before you go through) the size seems tiny like 50cm but Im not 100% sure.

    I dont know if this is still on but we flew over 4 months ago but they ask for you to take off shoes and the que is Really long so I would wear something easy to take off, I remember I wore boots and it took me forever. There are also alot of restrictions on food and drink. Do not buy food and drink as soon as you get there which you would like to take thru because they wont let you take anything through, its only after you enter another gate then there are more shops but more expensive prices (it seems like a con to me). Have fun on your holl ! :tup:
  13. you're allowed a pretty big bag, the dimensions are 56x45x25cm.
  14. we flew from BOs to Heathrow and were allowed 2 carryons. BUT, from Heathrow to Boston, it was 1 -- no ifs, ands, or buts. So, I assume it may be a regulation when flying OUT of heathrow?
  15. I have had to take me shoes off before, its annoying but it's for the safety of the passengers so I can understand it. Tho I remember thinking why are they only making us and not other ppl.

    I was thinking that aswell about the shops being more expensive. We always take a couple of big bottles of water with us, but obv this time we will have to buy it there.
    Guess that means I can't take my usual peanut butter & jam butties. I hate plane food, I'm a veggie but have to ask for a vegan meal and it's usually something I dont eat. :push:
    I'm sure once on the plane I will start to enjoy myself tho, thanks!

    annanas - there the measurements I got from the BA webiste, but I'm clueless when I have to imagine how big something is!