Hanako has been imprisoned for over 60 years. Help Her!

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  1. Please help Hanako!

    As crowds of restless visitors pour into Tokyo’s Inokashira Park Zoo, one elderly elephant named Hanako stands lifelessly in a concrete dungeon, behind bars, alone and miserable. This has been her life for the last 61 years.

    Born in Thailand, Hanako was shipped to Japan’s Ueno Zoo at just two years old to replace the previous elephants who had been deliberately starved to death during World War ll. A few years later, she was sent to the Inokashira Zoo, where she’s lived ever since.

    At 68 years old, Hanako is now entering her twilight years and only has a short amount of time left. To make things worse, her health is failing. She lost most of her teeth decades ago and currently suffers from digestive problems. She’s also shown a history of violent outbursts which suggests that her mental health is far from flourishing.

    After six decades of living in solitude, Hanako deserves to spend her final years with peace and dignity in a suitable elephant sanctuary where she can get the attention she needs.

    Her home is described by one visitor as ”one of the cruelest, most archaic zoos in the modern world.“ She has nothing but concrete around her. Hanako is kept in solitary confinement and nobody knows the last time she even saw another elephant. Like humans, elephants need other members of their species to live a happy and enriched life. Without companionship, elephants can spiral into a deep depression – one Hanako has already been suffering from for many years.

    My heart breaks into a million pieces whenever I read how humans can be so cruel and selfish.

    Please sign the petition. Speak up for her! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/743/826/456/
  2. I'll never understand these zoos. No enrichment, space or companionship. Why are people okay with this? We are a cruel species.... :sad:
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  3. Signed.
  4. Thank you so much for posting this petition. I went to sign and found that Hanako has died. The petition was updated to say that the petition did start an investigation into her living conditions and arrangements, Park zoo had agreed to make changes so Hanako could be more comfortable. Unfortunately, she died before any changes could be made. This breaks my heart.
  5. RIP Hanako
  6. This's really sad news. RIP Hanako. :sad::sad:
  7. I just opened the link but Hanako has died :sad:
    RIP Hanako