hanae Mori ???

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  1. What's the deal with the different colored butterfly lids? What if i just want the original, basic perfume off of Amazon. What do I look for?

  2. where else can i get this? i wnt to try he vanilla one soeomen mentioend
  3. i think the lids are different for the eau de parfum and the eau de toilette. there is no difference between the scents. you can get it here. =) you should get it...i have it and love it. it smells so yummy...
  4. Go to Sephora.com. HM is the only perfume that I wear that ladies buy after they smell it on me. I should get commission.

  5. Yeah what swee7bebe said. I love HM but I also love butterfly by her. It's delectable.
  6. I believe the pink one is the eau de toilette and the blue one is eau de parfum.
  7. The differences in Hanae Mori Butterfly colors: Red is the Parfum, Blue is the EDP, Pink is the EDT, yellow is the Eau Fraiche (the lightest, similar to a body spray). I personally like Blue Butterfly, but I generally prefer EDPs since the higher alcohol content in EDTs can sometimes give me a headache.