Hana Yori Dango Live

  1. Season 2 is playing in Japan right? Can anyone share? :yes: I can't wait to see it!
  2. isn't it on youtube?
  3. Really? The one that is airing now? I don't speak Japanese though... need subs! lol
  4. D-Addicts :: Index first two episodes have already been subbed it's really good
  5. Wow cool, I've only got the first series and my sister loved it so she'll be very happy to hear about the 2nd series.
  6. i am watching the first season now, quite interesting.

  7. OMG I love you! Thanks! =) I just have to figure out how to use it now! :yahoo:
  8. <--- me, me!!! i've been watching this show~ hee hee... so giddy every time a new episode is out.

    i feel like such a dork that i'm still into these types of dramas... but it's soooooo good! i actually prefer Hanazawa Rui (Oguri Shun) over Doumyoji Tsukasa (Matsumoto Jun), though. i even rewatched the first season over the weekend. this is one drama i can watch repeatedly and never get sick of.

    this version is soooo much better than Meteor Garden (taiwanese version). and yes, d-addicts is probably the best source for drama fans, especially if you need english subs. it's grown considerably and there's so many subtitles available now compared to a few years ago.
  9. OMG! I just finished watching epi 1-3!!! Can't wait for more!!

    I kinda like it better, but MG was my 1st and totally hooked me. So I will always stay true to MG. =p

    I don't understand Korean so it's taking me to clubbox to DL. But I understand NOTHING there.. do you know where I can get any help? TIA!
  10. i don't understand cluboxx either but i took a couple of wild guesses and somehow i downloaded it go to the arshi or avrshi link(in the d-addicts hanna yori dango subtitle thread) and she teaches u how to download from cluboxx.
  11. i've been using clubbox for a couple years now, primarily for my korean drama fix. many clubboxes will require you to have an account and join, especially ones with a lot of Korean programs (dramas, variety shows, music, entertainment news). awhile back, there was a whole fiasco where clubbox owners were warned or punished for uploading certain restricted files, so some of them have closed their sites from the public.

    there is a tutorial that provides a step by step guide to opening an account... i'll try to look it up again, and post it if possible. i can read some Korean, but i don't consider myself at all fluent.

    i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post direct clubbox links (don't wanna get owners of certain clubbox account in trouble or anything), but if anyone needs any help, feel free to pm me. i usually download from bigjebi's clubbox for Hana Yori Dango 2 episodes. findclubbox.com is another great link to look for certain files or shows. but it's probably more helpful if you can type in Korean (depending on what you are looking for). for example, i searched the Korean title of Hana Yori Dango ("kkot boda namja") and got more results.

    oh... btw, the english subs for episode 4 was released. i won't post any spoilers, but the preview for episode 5 looks SO good. they showed Hanazawa Rui and Domyoji Tsukasa fighting over Makino. Rui also answers Domyoji that he's truly serious about her... getting very intense!

    i also kinda prefer the SARS hardsubbed version... they are very thorough in their translation, with little to no error. i don't know if this version is available on clubbox, but for some reason, using bittorrent isn't as fast. so i usually download the raws instead.