Hamptons XL Hobo in Deep Eggplant!

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  1. While searching on Google, I stumbled upon this HTML:

    {"style":"15637", "isNew":false, "productName":"Hamptons Python Xl Hobo", ..... Fabric lining", "department":"D07", "selectedColor":"DEEP EGGPLANT",

    She's lurking in there somewhere waiting to come out. :graucho:

    I ordered the Ivory or Black and my SA can't guarantee that I'll get it. But if I receive bad news from her, the I will just wait for the Deep Eggplant at the end of the month. :smile:
  2. Sounds like it's going to be amazing! I wanna see!!!!
  3. I'm sure it will be. I was just looking at some of the bags that are in eggplant color and trying to imagine it with the hobo. My goodness. It's going to be TDF!!! :nuts:
  4. ooohhhh i love purple bags. this will be great!!! cant wait to see it.
  5. I have the black and the walnut but I may have to have a third! Eggplant sounds fabulous!! I wish someone had a picture!
  6. Yep, I heard it comes out in a Raisin is what my SA told me.. I thought it was available to order already?
  7. I noticed your Google search said, "Python". I wonder if it will a Python material or just a nice deep purple leather (fingers crossed) :smile:!
  8. the link didn't work? how did ya see it? i want 2 c.
  9. I really wish Coach would put out a new dark purple bag. I was hoping the XL embossed croc Maggie in purple would be it...but the DD pic is much darker than the bag IRL. Totally disappointed. Eggplant sounds like such a yummy color though!!! Here's to hoping!
  10. You can't see it from the link. But you can tell from the drop down that color is in there. It's not live yet. Can't wait!
  11. Last night my SA put in a special order for the deep eggplant. It's the same price as the leather Hamptons XL hobo ($498) so definitely not python. He found a SKU in the system, and a colour code (SV/EG) but they haven't been released yet to JAX so he's just going to keep checking until it goes through. Here's hoping it does!!! :graucho:
  12. Ohhhhhh!!!! i'm going to do the same thing. :biggrin:
  13. Yay...if it's SV/EG that means the hardware will be SILVER!!! That will look amazing with eggplant. I hope it's the nice soft pebbled leather like the cobalt one. I am in LOVE with the cobalt hobo!!!! Wish I would have found the walnut one too...it's fabulous...but, a beautiful eggplant might make me change my mind!!!
  14. The cobalt was sold out before I had a chance to get her....so I'm hoping I won't miss out on the eggplant!!! I almost compromised and bought the madison shoulder bag with gold HW until I saw this post. Seriously...I'm so excited to see it. I hope it's a deep, dark purple like the Mia eggplant. :nuts:
  15. Silver is the BEST! LOL! I am so looking forward to this. I have the Cobalt -- almost had the Walnut (sigh!), so would LOVE to have the Eggplant!!

    I got the Red Madison, but I would switch it in a heartbeat if the Eggplant is yummy!! I am VERY excited to see it too :smile:. MORE PURPLE :P!