Hamptons Weekend Tote - HELP!!!

  1. Ok so I took a little trip to visit my favorite SA last week. Got a few things for my RAOK buddy... and then did a little shopping for me. I wanted to try on the Hampton's Weekend Tote and the Small Tote, but didn't plan on buying anything. Well, guess what came home? The tote is too cute! I just love the hangtag! I got the black one with the blue trim. The Small Tote is cuter, but I can't live without a shoulder strap. (I did get a few other things, but that's another thread...)

    So I went to use it and before I fully unpacked it, I ran over to the mirror to make sure it was 100% what I wanted. UGH! I love it... BUT! The leather on the straps doesn't really bend so it kinda squares out on the shoulder. I think it looks odd. The leather also makes the straps lay funny in the front. Am I just a nut case?

    Will the leather on the handles relax once I pile everything in it for a week? I'd hate to think it will and then not be able to return it when it doesn't. Does anyone else have this bag?

  2. I just returned the green one because of that...no you are not crazy! It hung funny on me too and made the drop length a wee bit smaller too. I'm sure someone will give you the info ya need :smile:
  3. I don't have a large tote like that, but I have last years small tote, and the leather on the handles relaxed on mine, I used it a lot though--let's just say my cost per use was very low!! If I were you, I would just walk around the house with it for a few days with some stuff in it before taking the tags off or taking it out.
  4. ^^ I agree. And let us know what happens please! I'm thinking about getting the huge one as a carryon before my trip in april, or if I should go for the signature boston bag.
  5. I saw the same thing when I tried it on in the store. It was a deal-breaker for me since I hate having to break in the bag. Good luck, definitely try to break it in around the house and let us know how it turns out.
  6. The leather should relax, but if you're really unhappy with what it's doing you should take it to the store anyway. It might make you feel better to just get a new one.

    That's really is a gorgeous bag!
  7. i have last years tote and the leather did relax after about a week of using it.
  8. Stuff it and hang it on an armchair or doorknob...that might work.

    I really, REALLY want this bag in green...can you post a picture of you (or anyone else) with it over their shoulder?

  9. hmm.. my friend is going to the states tomorrow.. now im drooling for "my first coach".. i like the weekend bag as well
  10. As soon as I get up and dressed for the day, I'll take a picture. I don't think we need the "Krysty in her pj's & Coach" fashion show! :yes:
  11. i was thinking of getting this for my april purchase but have been leaning more towards something cuter and leather... i'd LOVE to see this on someone.
  12. *mwah* - thanks hon!

    (I think one time I went to take a picture for someone and thought to myself "hmmm...best put a bra on...." heheh)
  13. I have the one from a few years ago (maybe 05?) and the leather definitely softened up quite a bit. Don't let the stiff fresh leather be a deal breaker for you. Mine ended up being one of my fav's for a while. I promise you will LOVE this bag. :flowers:
  14. Ok my hubby's bathroom mirror (no, we don't share! are you nuts?!?) is a mess, but my bathroom is missing a light so his took better pics... long story short: Ignore the dirty mirror!

    In #2 & #3, you can kinda see what I'm talking about with the stiff straps. In #4, you can see just how stiff they are one the doorknob. It was straight out of the shopping bag, so only the store stuffing is inside.

    Just for fun: My kitty LOVES the Coach bags... this is her plotting how to get inside without me getting mad at her for crushing all my stuff!

    Oh! And I'm about 5'3", if your looking for a height reference.
    Weekend Tote 1.jpg Weekend Tote 2.jpg Weekend Tote 3.jpg Weekend Tote 4.jpg Kitty Loves Coach.jpg
  15. thank you thank you thank you!

    wow...that IS a stiff handle...hmmm....i'm trying to remember if my hampton tote I bought last year was like that...I know it's not like that NOW...but I did use it ALL summer.

    thank you again for the pictures! (is the interior done in siggy print?)