Hamptons Weekend Tote: Blue or Watercolor


Which do you prefer?

  1. Small Blue Hamptons Weekend Tote

  2. Small Watercolor Hamptons Weekend Tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I found the small blue hamptons weekend tote at the outlets. I love this bag, but also love the watercolor tote. Should I search the outlets for the watercolor or stick with the blue. Which one do you think is more versatile, cutier, etc.???
  2. I think the watercolor is cuter. The blue is cute too, and could be used more so year round, although I'll probably use my watercolor year round. I'd search for the watercolor if I were you, JMO though!
  3. I forgot to add: Is the blue to shiny for a 30 year old???
  4. i vote watercolor all the way! it's so cute and I think it is easier to match than the blue. It's super easy to keep clean as well. I am a lover of all things watercolor, so I hope you find one!! I have the large tote and my daughter has the small tote. :smile:
  5. no, i don't think it would be too shiny at all.

  6. ITA:tup:
  7. I think watercolor. I am hoping to find one at the outlet when I go.
  8. I like the blue - can't believe it is already at the Outlets...now I want to go to an outlet:yes:
  9. A vote for the watercolour!
  10. I vote for Blue, I think the blue is gorgeous!:heart:
  11. Absolutely NOT too shiny for a 30 year old! I am older than that an I would've bought the Green Hamptons if they had had it! I decided against the Blue one because I think it will "blend in" too much. It is pretty but the Watercolor is more FUN!
  12. Watercolor....i just got the med. beauty case from the outlet and cant stop looking at it.
  13. I have the watercolor and love it you can wear it with anything!!!
  14. the blue is the most gorgeous color ever.
  15. I voted for the blue hamptons and no, LOL, its not too shiny for a 30 year old!:lol: I am 32 and currently carry the green hamptons tote!

    Enjoy whatever one you choose!:tup: