Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Wristlet

  1. As most of you know, I'm new to Coach. After browsing for some time, I've come to realize that I absolutely LOVE wristlets! I don't keep much in my bags and love just carrying something small (usually a wallet). A wristlet is very appealing to me though, since I can wear it around my wrist and free up my hands.

    I usually stick to the simple colors..black, brown and white. I probably SHOULD get a black brown and white wristlet but I really seem to like the Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Wristlet. It's full of color and I love it! I know many were not too keen on the mini skinny and I'm not either, but I really like the wristlet. How do you all feel?
  2. I didn't really like it at first, but my co-worker got one and she's been carrying it a lot lately and it's really growing on me - fun for summer! And it's a bigger wristlet so it fits quite a bit. Every time I see her with it, I see a different patch and I'm like, "Oh, that's cute!"
  3. I think that wristlets make cool little clutch purses! In most cases, you can fit quite a bit in them. But I just got the Legacy Leather Wristlet, and it doesn't seem to hold as much as my other wristlets. Maybe I just need to break the leather in a bit...
  4. One of my friends had the pouch and i feel in love with it. At first, it was a big let down compared to last year's patchwork. Go for it! Perfect for the upcoming months
  5. Thank you for the replies! I think I definitely will go for it. It'll probably be good because I like to wear very bright colors during Summer and the wristlet will really make everything pop. I'm kinda sick of just wearing brown, white, and black..this will be something new and exciting!

    One more question. I'm absolutely in love with the Hampton's line. The pebbled leather wristlet is really catching my eye as well. I like it in sand, but am wondering if that would strictrly be a summer kind of thing or if I can use it during fall as well?
  6. The sand in the Hampton's would work well in both summer and fall. Good season transitional piece! Post photos when you get your wristlet(s)!
  7. this is an excellent point. although i am not a fan of the patchwork, i would prefer the scribble wristlet, the patchwork would be a nice summer/falll wristlet
  8. I purchased the Patchwork Agenda for myself and the mini skinny for my daughter and I just love both. I'm truly in love with the agenda. I had purchased the smallest size agenda in black at the outlet in Orlando but when I saw the patchwork agenda at the Coach boutique I just had to have it. My daughter thinks I'm crazy getting another agenda but this one is bigger and oh so nice.

    I'm not a fan of patchwork items but the skinny and the agenda got me.

    My first post too!:yahoo:
  9. I love wristlets, just not this patchwork one. But if you love the print - go for it. :smile: