Hamptons Weekend bags at Factory Stores?

  1. Don't the factory stores get a "line" of the hampton weekend bags that are a smidge different from the ones sold in the full price boutiques?

    I could swear I remember seeing different ones from the full prices stores at the factory store (outlet, whatever) last summer....

  2. Yes they do. I called my outlet yesterday, and they were doing the floor set last night.
  3. hmmmmm......interesting....I'll have to put out an APB for those going to the outlets soon to note sizes/colors/prices.

    (I'm sorry - I ADORE Coach...but I HATE paying retail. heheh)

  4. I am going on Sunday. I will let you all know what I find. :smile:
  5. I saw them today. Really pretty. They had them in pink, green and blue!
    Wristlets and scarves to match as well!
  6. How much were they?
  7. ooo oooo i need to get to the outlet stat!!!
  8. last year i got a small hamptons tote from the outlet and i didnt pay much at all. i am really looking foward to see what the outlet has this year. can someone post pics if they get one?
  9. how different are they from the full price 2007 totes?
  10. They are $119, $159 and $179, I believe. VERY pretty! Looks like watercolor, but in just one color (pink, blue, green). LOVE them!
  11. I was in the Aurora, IL outlet in January and the SA said they were getting new Hamptons stuff in on February 26th. This new stuff is probably what she was talking about!

    Oh wow ... I'm going to the outlets in two weeks, but I want to go now! Too bad they're out of my immediate price rang (I'm cheap), but my 21st is in just over a month, and I asked my mother for a somewhat larger bag, so maybe she'll agree these new ones are suitable.
  12. Do you know if they are in leather or nylon material?
  13. Is this what the bag looks like at the oultets? Picture+926%5B1%5D[1].JPG
  14. The outlets will have pink???

  15. Pink?!?!?! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    *praying that they have something at the Nashville/Lebanon outlet......come on March 9th......*