Hamptons weekend? Anybody have?

  1. Hi, I am looking at getting a Hamptons Weekend bag, probably either the small or large Hobo, for the summer. Do any of you ladies have either of these? If so, do you have pictures of you wearing them? I know the measurements, but I'm having a hard time visualizing which one I want.

    I really like the totes too, but I think I'd want a longer strap. Anybody have the tote? I looooooove the metallic scribble ones!

    Oh, and I'll probably buy from eBay (after authenticating it here first, of course ;) ).
  2. do you specifically want something from the current line?
  3. No, not necessarily. The new line is great but I really like the older, gold and lilac ones. I looove the white but, with 2 little girls, I would figure that would get dirty pretty quickly. New or old, any of the satin-y hobos are what I'm looking for.
  4. I have a small hobo and a large hobo. For me, personally, the large hobo is too big and I almost never use it.
  5. Good to know.......I was thinking the large one looked really large! Might be nice for vacation though. I do think the small one would get more use for me. Thanks!
  6. i have a pink and white small tote and it is SOOOO easy to clean. i got it at the outlet last year and it was my summer bag. i was goining in an out of a hospital and eating in the cafeteria so it wasnt a clean enviornment at all. BUT with dove soap and warm water (oh and scrubbing) all...ALL...the dirt and stains came out!
  7. I have the large white and black hobos and I love them. Sorry I don't have any pics with them on but they're my favorite bags. So easy to keep clean and perfect for daily use..the black one is pretty much my everyday bag at the moment.
  8. I have the large black one.