Hampton's watercolor stripe hobo - for a 37 yo woman?

  1. Am I crazy for wanting that bag for mother's day??? Would I look weird carrying it?
  2. You would not look wierd, IMO! I'm 33 and I would wear that style! 37 is not old and the bag is so springy and cheerful! I say go for it!!:yahoo:
  3. of course you can wear it! it is gorgeous
  4. Another 37 yr old here, I say go for it! I would not have a problem carrying it and think it will look great all summer!
  5. I am 46 and I wear an older Bright Pink Coach Swing and I love it.
  6. Wear what you love - you only live once!
  7. I would wear it too!! It's a cute bag with a nice fresh look. Perfect for summer!
  8. I totally agree! All that matters is that you like it! :graucho:
  9. I don't think the watercolor line is too young for anyone. If you want it, get it and enjoy it! :wlae:
  10. Not at all!! I would get it!!
  11. Im 37 and I have the watercolor tote, and love it!
    You should so GO FOR IT!!
  12. I agree with everyone else, you're never to old for a bag you love, especially at 37 years young. I love both the scribble and the watercolor line. They're so colorful and great for summer! Definitely go for it! :yes:
  13. thanks all, I'm off to look at them!
  14. 45 here and I'm dying for that one!
  15. You know I actually see the patchwork and the water color on women vs. the younger crowd which sticks with signature, and they wear it quite nicely, it adds a fresh twist to their look. So I say go for it!