Hampton's Vintage Leather

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm considering a new purchase, and you guessed it, it's Hampton's Vintage!!!

    So can everyone tell me the pros and cons of the leather? Durability, weight, hardware, ergonomics... I just want info!

    I do have the Hamptons Wristlet in Blue, but you can't tell much from a wristlet!

    Post pics too!!! :P
  2. What item are you considering?

    I've only ever heard good things about the Hampton line...and it seems to be pretty popular!
  3. ive had both the carryall and the miranda satchel in the vintage leather. theyre heavy but very well made and gorgeous!!!. the leather is thick and rich in color. the hardware is nice but it to me would tarnish fast so thar bugged me. they went buy buy lol.
  4. The hardware tarnished?! WHAT?!

  5. Well, if I can ever get some adjusting done within my collection to pay for the new bag, there will be a reveal!
  6. I have the Lindsay in teal and gray and the clutch wallet in teal and espresso. The leather to me is a blend between the thick '06-'07 legacy leather and the garcia leather. Thick, but with a slightly shiny and smooth surface. It really is beautiful. I haven't had any issues with my hardware.

    The teal wallet was abused as my go to wallet for a couple months straight...tossed around in my bag with keys, dropped in the snow, etc. It looks as good today as the day I got it! It wears really well.

    I wanna see a reveal!
  7. I'm dying for the vintage hobo in grey...but it seems like the leather is prone to scratch from some listings I saw.

    You only have $27.43 left for the entire year? Dayum that $150 went fast.. :P
  8. Well, I'm thinking about buying the this pebbled leather. Does that make a difference?