Hamptons Vintage Leather Hobo--Anyone have this???

  1. I ordered this bag when I bought my other PCE items, but I haven't seen it IRL. Mine should be here Wednesday, I just hope that I like it. I love my ALI since it's roomy enough for all of my stuff, but I don't know how roomy this hobo is. If anyone has the hobo, will you please post pictures of it?? I'd like to get an idea of how roomy the inside is. I will post pics when I get mine. If I don't like it, I will probably exchange it for another Ali or maybe the Legacy Shoulder Bag.
  2. I saw the hobo in person it s narrow on the sides but big enough to fit a small laptop.. its also taller than the ali... hope this helps
  3. Thanks. I am used to having a wider bag, so I will probably have to take this one back. I carry a lot with me since I have 4 kids. Oh well, if I take it back I'll just have to decide what to exchange it for.
  4. the signature stripe tote is very roomy... or a carly or a ergo