Hampton's Tote as a diaper bag??

  1. Hey ladies, Just curious if any of you has used this bag as a diaper bag. I have a 22 month old and will have another baby next year. I am tired of carrying an ugly diaper bag. I just want to put a couple diapers, pack of wipes and a sippy cup, also extra set of clothes. Its supposed to be 13"x11"x5". I am thinking about black. Do you think it will be big enough? Thanks for any opinions!!
  2. yes it will be...i have done it.

    i have also used it as a diaper bag AND a purse at the same time and had more than enough room. I have the Large, and it works perfectly.
  3. I have the large in black and although I don't use it as a baby bag, it has more than enough room.
  4. Thanks!!
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