Hamptons Signature Tote Capacity Wristlet

  1. I just exchanged my other Hampton's wristlet because I felt that it was really too big for what I needed and so I got this Hamptons Signature Capacity wristlet and I am trying to figure out why it is so hard to open and close the turn lock?, it hurts my finger to try and twist it closed ?? anyone hear of this problem?? is it defective or what?? i am confused




  2. very cute...I love the pink interior. Congrat's.
  3. I wonder if it is because its so new and the metal needs to break in ..
  4. It could be.. try to open and close few times to see if it becomes easier :yes:
    BTW, the Pink inside is soooooooo cute!!:love:

  5. thanks :smile: Is this the new color for this wristlet?? I didnt see it before like this
  6. It's cute!! Maybe it's meant to be tight so it doesn't accidentally come open while inside your bag. So tight that it hurts your finger is a little extreme, but maybe it will loosen up a bit in time. I'd personally rather have it too tight than too loose!
  7. How is this wristlet's size compared to a Medium cosmetic case. I'm thinking of getting one to use as a cosmetic case and a clutch when I need it as one? =)
  8. Super cute... never heard of the turnlock being hard to open/close? i hope i don't have this issue because i'll be getting one soon (from my boyfriend for a belated b-day present!)
  9. im pretty sure this wristlet is bigger than a medium beauty case! i was planning on getting the medium heritage beauty case but then i saw this wristlet i changed my mind about the beauty case.
  10. Do you use her as a cosmetic case??
  11. It is so cute! I think that maybe it is because it is new too. You can always go to the store and try out a few more and see if they have the same prob, and exchange if needed
  12. i have one in khaki/berry and no problems at all. i think it's much better tight than loose, i guess that'll loosen up in time =) the best wristlet coach has ever made!
  13. I just got the pink patent and it is tough to twist. Maybe I should see if they have another that is easier. I LOVE the wristlet :smile:
  14. I have the khaki/geranium one and the turnlock is easy to turn... maybe because it's new?
  15. the pink inside looks delicious.......