Hamptons Signature Satchel Carryall ~ HAVE ONE??

  1. Im looking for opinions on this adorable bag. If you have one how do ya like it? Pics would be GREAT!!:graucho:
  2. I've seen a number of different carryalls called 'hamptons' over the last couple of years. do you have a style number?

    I remember seeing a sig stripe hampton carryall in the khaki/crimson that was just gorgeous! I think they also did it in leather.
  3. I have a black signature one that I purchased a couple of years ago and it still looks new. It is a great bag for business and it has a certain "dressy" quality. I love the khaki Optic one that is still on the website. That bag is really pretty in person. I will try to post a pic of my black one soon.
  4. Thanks girls. I actually dont have a style # but the khaki and crimson one is just beautiful. That is the exact style Im contemplating right now. Im such a casual girl, ya know jeans and t-s I just dont want the dressy look. Cant wait to see your pics. LIblue!

  5. ahh, got the style #. Its 10544:yes:
  6. I think this bag works for business, dressy or casual. The black can be a bit "severe" with jeans and a tee but khaki and crimson would look great. It works handheld or on the shoulder. The inside shot shows you I have my phone, long wallet, keys, wristlet, apple coin purse, skinny mini and sunglass case inside the bag and it's not full. I might probably wouldn't use those particular accessories in this bag but I just wanted to give you an idea of what can go inside. Many times I have a water bottle and a book in this bag. The zip top is a break away so you can leave it opened like a top. The bag looks good no matter how much or how little you put inside. I hope these photos help. :smile:
    MK-0155.JPG MK-0157.JPG
  7. I have the booktote which is similiar. My Mom has a few different of the carryalls and loves them. I think they can go casual or dressy.
  8. Thanks for the pics LIblue! It looks like the perfect size.