Hamptons Signature Medium Carryall


Aug 10, 2007
Ok so I bought this bag yesterday as a gift for my mom it was her b-day and she really liked it but the bad didn't feel comfortably under her arm.
So we are going today to exchange it for a bleecker duffle or a carly. Now to the funny part of this day we left the bag in our car to surprise her at the restaurant. Right before we got our food my DH went to car on the excuse to get our camera. He came back in carrying the gift inside the tattersall bag and he said that all the girls waiting to be seated stopped dead in their tracks to see what he had in the bag. He said that some of them even yelled out is that for me! When he got to our table a lady that was seated behind kept turning around to see what my mom had. She even elbowed her date to show him the bag. I could see her turning around every 5 min to see if my mom would open her gift. My mom is very modest so she waited until we got home to open it. Once the lady noticed my mom was not going to open it up she sort of sighed and just turned around:crybaby:. Sorry for the looooong story.


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Nov 7, 2005
the carryall has that boxy shape and can be uncomfortable. thats one of the reasons why i stayed away from it. im sure she will like the carly much better since its softer =)


Aug 6, 2006
That is a great story. I would have been staring and waiting for her to open it to! I actually love that bag you picked, it looks so cool and professional whenever I see it being carried, but the Carly is supposed to be super comfortable (it's my wishlist bag).


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Nov 13, 2006
California, USA
i love that story. man, if i was at a restaurant and saw someone with the tattersall coach shopping bag, i'd be dying to know what was inside!

i absolutely love the look of the hamptons carryalls and satchels. they looks very professional and chic, in my opinion. unfortunately, i have yet to find one that sits really comfortable on my shoulder. :sad: