Hamptons Sig Hobo

  1. Anyone have this purse?
    What do you all think of it? Is it a "classic" piece? Still in style?[or age appropriate, I'm soon to be 19]
    I was looking for a reasonable large shoulder bag and something about this bag just says "Get me, I'm so cute!" LOL

    I need your thoughts on this bag. And pics if you all have it!
  2. I personally LOVE the Hobo style and I think the front clasp on this is a nice touch. I think it's a classic piece and age-appropriate for a 19-year old. I mean, I'm 15 and I love it :p
  3. Haha thanks! You're my only response =]
  4. I think it's really cute. I almost bought the previous version of it, but it was where you had to undo the clasp to get into it which was a PITA. With the zip top, I think it's great :tup:
  5. I have the smaller Hamptons hobo in leather and I LOVE it. It's such a classic, versatile bag. Mine holds a lot without looking overstuffed. I have been toying with getting the next size up like you are looking at--I also love the clasp detail on the front!
  6. Its very cute and definitely ageless! I think anyone could wear this bag. I've actually been eyeing the tan leather version of this style. :drool: I've tried it on numerous times in the store, its comfortable, great size, once you put your stuff in it, it will sit up on its own. Just a great bag! The price is great too!:yes:
  7. I think it's darling!!! :tup: I love how the clasp is more for looks and not there to be a PITA :p
  8. I have a small black Hamptons hobo and I love it. I don't really see it as a bag that will go out of style anytime soon unless you get it in some trendy color, but even then it's still a cute bag. Also since it's a simple design, it'll probably be able to be worn no matter the age.
  9. I think it's very cute!!
  10. Just a heads up for you. My friend bought this from the outlet on Saturday. It was the same colouring except that it had the clip that you had to open up so it was from this last winter collection. They had it for $94 after all of the discounts!! If the clip doesn't bother you, I would head to your closest outlet ASAP!!!
  11. I think it's cute and the hobo style is so classic it won't look weird in a few years.

    It's definitely age appropriate for a 19 year old...i'm almost 21 and I think this bag would be fine for me, as well as my mom (who is in her 40's!)
  12. I have this bag and I love it! I totally think its appropriate for your age i'm 28 and it works for me. It's not too small not too big and very light with all my stuff in it.
  13. I LOVE!!!!! this bag!!! :happydance:
  14. Thanks everyone for your opinions! But I don't have an outlet near me so it looks like I'll be paying full price =[
  15. Would you all consider this a large bag?