hamptons satchel- outlet yet???

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  1. I am trying to check around to see if anybody has seen the hamptons satchel in their outlets. It was style number 12456. thank you!!
  2. Yes these were at the Florida outlets around Christmas/New Years time in Berry leather, Mahogany leather, sig with gols trim and black sig with black trim. They were $150 after the 50% off discount.
  3. I missed the boat on them too.. I don't live near a outlet so when I saw them on ebay I knew they had hit the outlets already .. I Love that bag I bought one on ebay on Jan 10, still waiting to get it I think it is stuck in customs . It left LA on Jan 25....... I payed $ 185.00 I got the Black signature it looks good with the gold hardware..... I hope you can get one.........
  4. I got a Mahogany leather one. Hope you get yours soon, it's a nice bag.
  5. AWWWW, I have been calling the barstow outlet and they said it is still in full priced stores. It has not hit the outlets. BUt I am seeing them on ebay for about $200. If they were selling at the outlets for $150- sellers are making only $50 before fees??!
    wow- $150 for the bag. good price!!! I will continue looking.......
  6. I've seen a couple at the outlets.
  7. I got mine yesterday I bought it off ebay from someone in Las Vegas. The price was marked down in red to 299.99. I'm guessing it was now 150.00 I got it for 185.00. I can't see the boutique's having any of these still in their stores... Ebay is your only hope.......Good luck