Hamptons N/S Flap in walnut or Poppy hobo gunmetal?

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm new here. You all are so well informed and friendly regarding Coach products that I thought I'd ask your valued opinion.

    I have a Hamptons N/S flap in walnut nwt (purchased on PCE) and I am having a really hard time deciding whether to exchange it for a Poppy hobo in gunmetal. If I can get the gunmetal on PCE, the price difference would only be about $75.

    The quality is incredible on the flap and the colour is neutral (I don't have any bags other than a Roots flat bag that are brown). But it seems like a big bag
    and the Poppy just seems more casual.

    Has anyone had any sort of "peeling", "rubbing off" of colour or any other problems with the gunmetal Poppy? :weird:
    The leather seems much more delicate than the Hamptons and I'd like to look at my purchases as investments in quality.

  2. Not sure about the poppy in gunmetal but I hear a lot about the gunmetal in general as one of the colors that peel/flake. It's a beautiful color though!
  3. Welcome to TPF!:smile: It's so much fun here!

    The Hamptons Flap...Hands Down!!! In my opinion, this bag is classic Coach. It's just beautiful and definitely a quality investment! I think this is a bag you will be able to carry not just today, but years from now.
  4. welcome to the forum. You will enjoy yourself and the good advice you get here. You will make friends also. I have one hobo in gunmetal and haven't had any problems, but a rotate bags fairly often so it hasn't a whole lot of use. Good luck with your decision, Anne
  5. I have the poppy pocket hobo in gunmetal. I use it often and have had no problems with it. However, if you're looking for something for the long term, I would keep the Hamptons flap. It's definitely better quality and will last you for years.
  6. Hope I'm replying correctly...sorry if I forget to type in some of the fields (this is the only place I post).

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I was leaning towards the flap for the very reasons you mentioned. So nice to have other Coach admirers to ask!

    So very tempted to get the Poppy hobo anyways...but, I'm still using my Kristin hobo in taupe and it feels like along with the Julia wallet, I've been buying enough Coach stuff already (returned a hailey recently too). Guess I also love to live vicariously through others--it's great seeing you gals with all the latest stuff :P

    You guys are great!
  7. I vote for the Hampton N/S flap. I have it in Cypress and I love the bag and I can't even tell you how many compliments I get everytime I carry it. It is such a classic timeless bag. I would love to get it in black but unfortunately they don't have it in black.

  8. I totally agree ^^ Keep the Hamptons.
  9. Another vote for keeping the Hamptons! I have it in ivory and I'm saving it for fall. This is such a classic bag, like coach went back to their roots with this one. That walnut is gorgeous and less trendy than the Poppy style. I'd definitely keep the Hamptons!
  10. I have the crypress hampton flap as well and I love it. It's a great bag and they are off the web site so if you change your mind you might not be able to re buy the bag. I would go with flap.
  11. Yup, I agree with you there. Being the last of its kind makes it kinda risky to put back.

    Based on the responses I've gotten, I'm getting a strong hint that I'm better off keeping the flap. Actually passed up a trip to the Coach boutique to bake a cake this afternoon.

    Withdrawl symptoms haven't kicked in. :P
  12. ^^ it's a good choice to keep the hampton flap. I think it's a great bag and you can always get the poppy later.
  13. Keep the hamptons flap..You might not be able to replace it. the Poppy hobo just might make it to the outlet..
  14. IMO you'd be better off long term to KEEP THE FLAP!!! The PoPPy bags are cute, casual and fun. I haven't heard anything horrible regarding quality, but this is like comparing apples to oranges IMO. Hamptons has a rep for classic beauties that last for years and are always in style! The leathers (in the past haven't seen this IRL) are thick and just get better with age!!!

    To me PoPPy is all about what's HOT right now! You'd also have alot more luck finding the PoPPy hobo later via an outlet or the bay!!!

    What it all comes down to though is what bag can you NOT get outlof your mind? I once drove 3 hours round trip to get to the outlet before it closed for a Hamptons bag that I couldn't get off of my mind!!!!
  15. Another vote for the Hamptons Flap. It is such a gorgeous bag and will be something you can carry for years. The metallic bags haven't had a great track record with respect to peeling and flaking. The Hamptons Flap wins hands down in my book.