Hamptons - Medium or Large?


Feb 14, 2006
Pacific Northwest
I'm looking at this bag - to replace my non-repairable Holiday Gallery Tote.
I don't live near a Coach store, so I need help determining whether I want the Medium or Large.

I think this is a pretty classic bag - what do you think?

I love the green/zebra one that's been posted but I think the brown would serve me better. Any other thoughts from you experts would be greatly appreciated.


Oct 5, 2007
Well I plan on getting the medium Hamptons sig satchel in leather (coral # 11330) w/the Dec PE. the meduim is almost too big for me, so personally I would never want the large. It's just my own personal taste but I think these type Hampton satchels bags- the bigger they are the more grandmaish they look, so I'm sticking w/the medium.


Jovi Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
Bon Jovi Blvd.
I have two of these in medium, as well as other Hamptons medium bags and find them too be quite roomy. I am not a fan of big bags where everything falls in one jumbled heap (hence why I dislike the Carly for example).



Nov 8, 2007
Well, I am waiting for my Hamptons Signature Large Carryall. I hope it be a big bag because I need it for put diapers, bottles, etc. I am trying to find pictures here but seems like nobody have it. As soon I receive the bag I will post some pictures. Is this one:



Feb 14, 2006
Pacific Northwest
RIP beautiful bag. :sad:
which one was it? the patchwork?
what happened?
Jennbyrd, it was the '05 Holiday patchwork gallery tote. The spots on the ocelot haircalf rubbed off.

Candace117, I've had a gallery tote and it was my favorite bag ever. I am just having a terrible time deciding and since I don't live near a Coach, I have to rely on ordering. I liked the Fall patchwork tote, except I don't love the snakeskin. I like this color, just now sure if it's a red-red or an orange-red:

I am now making myself crazy. I want to be able to wear the bag this winter with brown and black. Maybe someone else should just pick for me :idea:
I vote for the Medium.

But if you are a Mary Poppins type of person that carries EVERYTHING possible in your purse then I would recommend the Large.

I am currently looking at Medium sized bags. All my bags are small and now I'm getting annoyed at the fact that I can't carry much with me. I hate having to leave my makeup bag in the car all the time!

Since you don't have a Coach store nearby I would recommend that you check to see if any of your other bags share similar dimensions so you can at least compare the sizes to help you make your decision.

Good luck.