Hamptons medium carryall...what color?

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  1. I have the chance to acquire a Hamptons medium carryall...should I get khaki/chestnut sig or black sig? I have a few khaki sig bags and one black patent leather bag, so the black would fill a niche but it looks so business-y in black compared to the khaki. And I don't really do the whole business getup thing. But it does look pretty in black. Khaki seems more casual to me. What is your opinion?
  2. no opinions? :sad:
  3. I think black would work in a casual way just fine. However I prefer khaki just because I wear more browns...I guess it really comes down to what you wear and what bags you already own.

    You seem to be leaning more towards the black anyway :smile:
  4. I saw the black at the outlet saturday, and it is SO beautiful. People were grabbing them left & right. I don't think it would be too businesslike... since you have other khaki sig bags, I vote for the black :yes:
  5. I vote for the black and I think you can totally make it un-businessy (is that a word?) just by what you wear and the way you carry it and yourself.

    I just got my first black Coach and I have to say while it's a traditional satchel, I think it's just classic.

    You will look adorable with whatever you choose!
  6. I always prefer brown or khaki but the black is great too.. you can't go wrong either way, just pick which one you like better or what goes better with your clothes. :yes: I don't think black has to be dressy but I do think the brown is more casual IMO. :tup:
  7. I would go for the black because you have some khaki sig and no black sig, I also think you could make it un-business like with a scarf or a cute charm.
  8. I vote black to it goes well with everything. post pics once you get one.
  9. Heya C!
    would turquoise be an option?? There at the outlets too:okay:If not I like the khaki/chestnut best.
  10. I have the black sig and really like it and don't find it too business like at all.
  11. Black bags are not my thing.. that's why I like the black patent ergo.. I would go for the khaki sig... or like Kimmie suggested, the turquoise leather one that is at the outlets right now. I love that one!!! If I didn't have a turquoise hobo I would be all over that!!!
  12. Me too. and I'm a SAHM so I really dont dress up. This bag is just classic - I think it works with everything.
  13. You cant go wrong either way. I love Khaki. It is what I am always drawn to. I have one black mini signiture bag that I like (not love). I think I try to stay away from black bags because I am trying to stay away from black in general. I have light hair and very fair skin so black is just a bit harsh on me.

    On the other hand, black is a staple so you have to have one great black bag. I will probably keep looking since I haven't found mine yet. My mom has a great black Coach bag I love and your black patent bag is beautiful.

    Let us know what you decide.
  14. IMO I think this style bag looks best in Khaki..... for some reason in black its just so old lady-ish....

  15. Candace, DH wants your doggy on the left...LOL He said forget the bag :roflmfao: