hamptons medium carryall owners

  1. does the hamptons medium carryall fit well on the shoulder and under the arm? because on the coach website, when you click to try the bag on, they only show it in hand...
  2. I love mine, but I do have a hard time putting it on my shoulder with a winter coat. Otherthan that, I have no problems.
  3. Mine fits well over my shoulder, but certainly not over a heavy coat.
  4. I want this bag really bad in the khaki, just got it in black signature at the outlet but since I live a couple of hours away from the outlet, I think I am going to sell it as I am really a brown bag gal. Anyway, I love this bag.. it is light and cute and I have no issue putting it on my shoulder at all.. I don't think it would work with a winter coat too much like cobrien said but other than that it is great! :tup:
  5. hmm...so a good spring bag, huh? :biggrin:
  6. because i was eyeing this...
  7. I have that exact same bag except in the red embossed leather, and it fits fine over my shoulder, even with my coat (which is a wool coat, not a big bulky parka-type). I love this bag so much - a real classic.
  8. They have those at the outlets now, in the red and mahogany and I think black! :tup:
  9. I bought the larger one (during Dec. PCE) with the full flap in Red and it fits fine over my shoulder, even over a light coat. It really is a lovely bag! I just ADORE it!
  10. would anyone like to put up modeling pics of any of the medium carryalls? :tup:
  11. I like it better on the lower arm or in hand, but it does fit over the shoulder.

    I can see though if maybe someone is slightly heavy set or has really thick coats it not being comfortable. The strap isn't all that big.
  12. I have this one


    and it fits on my shoulder just fine.
  13. :drool: That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! :drool:
  14. Love it! :drool:
  15. my sig.medium hamptons carryall fits fine over my shoulder. i love it and the style!