Hamptons leather stripe bags gone from website

  1. I love these bags and wanted to get another one. Now they are off the website! Think they'll be in the outlets around Easter time? I hope so because I will be at an outlet then!!!

    These didn't last very long... maybe not popular?

  2. I would guess that they'll go on to the outlets. I know my Macy's had them too and when they get in the new bags, these should go on sale.
  3. Oh, I should start calling stores then! Thanks! I live in the middle of nowhere and can't get to stores... but my mom can! :p
  4. I was told this wasn't popular so in a couple of months you may just find it in your outlet. However if you cannot wait that long call JAX up (coach HQ) and they should be able to find one and send one to you. If you want free shipping I'd go through the store and ask.
  5. i already saw this at the lahaska outlet, but it may have been a return? i was also told they weren't very popular...

    good luck in your search!
  6. I was at a Coach store a couple weeks ago and was also told they were not a big seller... I just love mine!

    I suppose if I see it at the outlet, then I'll be tempted but with other things that just came out it's dropping fast to the bottom of my list. :yes:
  7. I called JAX earlier this week about this bag, but not the leather the signature. CS said they had lots of the leather still available. You might want to try calling JAX if you don't want to wait to see if it goes to the outlets
  8. aww.. i actually thought they were pretty =(