hamptons leather signature carryall.

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  1. I went to the Ala Moana Macy's half an hour ago and saw a gorgeous bag!!


    I want the mahogany one!! Sooooo pretty (but I don't like the tassle)!! It's $100 more at our Macy's than on-line so that's really junk... But at this point, I need another bag like I need more leg hair to shave. *lol* But this is definitely something on my "wish list"!!

    Does anyone know if it comes in a larger size? It's a wonderful bag, but it's an armpit bag on me. I'd like to avoid that if possible.
  2. I totally love this bag. I check it out every time Im in Coach. My fav. is the choco. Unfortunately this is the only size it comes it. Still love it though!
  3. Oh pooh... I'm not against holding bags at the fold of my arm, but that can get in the way sometimes when I'm shopping and stuff... Oh well. Even though that's the only size, I still want it!! I liked the black one, but I like black and nickel hardware more than black and brass. And the mahogany with brass is beautiful... I want... I want... I want!! *lol* But at $520+, I definitely can have self-control. Haha.
  4. It is a really pretty bag and the mahogony is just TDF.
  5. Yeah this bag is pretty much number one on my wishlist right now...I cleared out my bag collection so I pretty much only have my large black leather Carly and now I want that one for when I wear an outfit that black doesn't go with.

    So you're saying it costs more at Macy's than the website? It's listed on the Macy's website for the same as the Coach website. I have a Macy's giftcard so I was hoping to use it towards the new bag...
  6. Oh, no, it's just that much more here in Hawaii. Coach prices are marked up by 20% here. I think the only designer brand that ISN'T marked up here in Hawaii is LV for some reason. It's actually like 7% cheaper than the mainland, I was told...