Hamptons Large Carryall?

  1. Hey there... anyone out there who's bought the Hamptons Large Carryall and is short, too?!?!

    I'm 5'2" and trying to figure out if it's a good size for me. I kept trying it on in the store and I thought it was cute, but I'm not sure. The Medium is actually the perfect size for me, but the straps need to be longer! :crybaby: (hence the large)

    The purse I usually carry is the same size as the Soho Leather Stitched Flap. What do y'all think -- is the Large Carryall a good fit for me, or is it just going to weigh me down and look odd since I'm so short?

  2. I'm 5'2 and I have the large Carryall and it's perfect, I love it! :smile:
  3. I'm 5'3"' and I have the large hamptons sig carry all. I really like it and I don't feel like it's too big.