Hampton's hobo or Slim flap?

  1. Hampton's Hobo or Legacy Slim Flap. Which do you like better and why? They are both the perfect size for me and have a great drop length. I'm used to a zipper close so the turnlock flap and clip is going to be new to me. Here's the pic of the hobo..... I think most know what the slim flap looks like....TIA....I just need to hear some pros and cons of each to help me make up my mind!! :shrugs:

  2. hmm they are both great bags but I would go with the legacy slim flap because it it is more of a fall and winter bag, but some people dont mind the seasons.:smile:
  3. Slim flap! I love love love mine - the lining is so pretty and it is a great size. Very comfortable to carry. Also, I find the turnlock easier than the clip.
  4. good point! I'm a little scared of that clip. Why couldn't the Hampton's use a zip close?! ummm...... oh, by the way..Today I drooled over your bottle green bag that you want! Its BEAUTIFUL. THe leather is AWESOME. Too bad that bag is too big for me or it would be mine!:graucho:
  5. Yup, that clip would drive me nuts! I like the slim flap!
  6. I like the Hobo way better, but does it also have a zipper as well, or is it just the turnlock flap? Because if it is just the turnlock, then I wouldn't feel really secure having it just incase my things fall out or something.. u never know. But if your not too worried, then I say go with the Hamptons Hobo.
  7. I vote for the legacy slim flap....it's just such a beautiful style, and I love the legacy stripes...

    It also sits really nicely on the shoulder. Good drop length!
  8. i would worry little thigs like keys and lip gloss will keep falling out of the hobo.
  9. legacy slim flap

    I had the hamptons hobo in the embossed and I took it back, getting it opened and closed was too much of a hassle.

    I returned it and got the Chelsea sig. hobo instead, the turnlock is so much easier
  10. Thanks for the review cverhoff - I absolutely love that color! Hubby just got a new job, so we are waiting a couple months til everything settles down financially before I can buy it, but it WILL be mine! :graucho:
  11. Thanks for all your input I'm definitely thinking "no" on the Hampton's. I want the chocolate signature. Which I know I can order the slim flap in. The only reason why I considered the Hampton's is because I found one on eBay in the chocolate sig! I didn't know they ever made it in that color! The one on eBay has the dogleash clip which is EVEN harder to open than the flat clip. SO......do I order the slim flap in chocolate or save my money and wait to see if anything better comes out in brown sig that I may like better...... decisions, decisions...... I really don't need this bag till November. Its going to be my Winter bag. Its still in the 90's here so I can wear my summer bag a bit longer than most. Should I wait or order the slim flap?:shrugs:
  12. I like the hobo best.
  13. I vote slim flap all the way :yes: As far as you ordering it, that's up to you I guess.. if you aren't so head over heels that you want to wait and see what else comes up, just make sure they still have plenty to order and then wait if you aren't going to use it yet.. if not, order it and hold onto it until you see the new line. I like the slim flap a lot though!!! :tup:
  14. My vote goes to the HOBO!!!! I have the LARGE Hamptons perforated hobo #10535 and the clip has NEVER been an issue!!! Sometimes I even leave it unclipped if I am in a rush w/ the kids in a store! It's a beautiful, comfortable, classy, goes w/ anything bag! That's MY vote!!!!
  15. Well, I almost bought the Hamptons Hobo during PCE. I really love the style on me...more than a lot of bags..very comfortable, long enough strap, etc...BUT I opened and closed that clip a couple of times and said "Buh-bye, HHobo"! Just no can do...too impatient and clumsy!:p