Hamptons Flap

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  1. What happened to it? Did it come out already?? I love the walnut one
  2. I think it's sold out. It's been out for at least two months.
  3. Are you talking about the Hamptons Carryall? I have the blue leather hamptons carryall. The walnut is out of stock online.
  4. No, I was referring to the hamptons flap :sad:... I missed the boat beacuse I was on a ban for few months..that bag is so beautiful
  5. Did you call JAX at all?
  6. No, I haven't...but I will try later today. It seems we won't see these bags at the outlet uh? unless its a return
  7. Yeah, I think its sad that we have to order the bags sight unseen before we can even see them in the store because otherwise they are all sold out, and who knows if they are going to re-stock any of the sold out bags...
  8. I missed it too . . . I called JAX yesterday and they said that the Hamptons Flap is currently out of stock in Walnut. She said I could call back every few weeks in case they receive more stock. (They record their phone calls so we can hope that a flood of calls will encourage them to re-stock!)
  9. Sheesh, I missed this one too. NUTS! I don't typically like flaps, but just saw another TPFer post theirs and I fell in LOVE with it!!
  10. I called JAX tonight about the release date or order date of the black one and he said he saw them in the computer but there was a date of possibly 8/2011. He gave me a number to their Consumer Services to call tomorrow and get more info. I am hoping it was really 11 for November and they will come out next month.

    If not, I guess I will go for the Hamptons Leather Carryall but the flap is $300 less so I am really hoping for that one! I will update you all tomorrow :smile:
  11. Yes, please keep us posted! I know there are many people who are interested inthis bag.
  12. I am soooo lucky to have gotten one for just over pce price. Hope you are all able to get one!
  13. Sadly walnut is sold out
  14. The Hamptons Flap in red is online. It's the only out right now and it's a limited edition.