hamptons collection...too business-y???

  1. I really like the 2nd bag but I think I would mostly wear it for work. When I first started working after college I bought so many outfits, bags & shoes etc for work. There was a point in my life when I didn't even have a pair of jeans! I turned 30 this year and decided to change that about myself. I now purchase things that will look great for work and on the weekends! Things that show my personality & that are fun. I do think both bags are beautiful though - especially the second. I also think they would be a great bag to use on a nice dinner date...
  2. I love the Hamptons collection and have four Hamptons bags. I don't think of them as business-like but do think of them as a more classic style.
  3. Although I love the embossed leather, these bags don't strike me as young looking bags. They do have a professional edge to them.
  4. If you LOVE it..then buy it! I don't think you should worry about it being too business-like. What color were you considering? I think the red is very fun and eye-catching where the mahogany is more reserved/conservative and maybe more business-like. (but beautiful!). GO FOR IT! :yes:
  5. hi, i'm almost 23. i dont now if you consider that young or not. i saw these bags in person the other day at my local coach store. they're pretty, but a little too professional for my taste. in fact, a lot of this fall's line is on the mature side for me. i'm going to wait until xmas to see if anything else comes out.
  6. The bags are very pretty but I'm 22 & feel that they're too mature looking for me.
  7. thanks!
  8. Personally, I would go to the store and try it on just to see how it would look on me