Hamptons Carryall #7586

  1. Ok so, a large sum of money has arrived in my account (don't we love that!). It is not enough to buy my dream bag, ok...well it IS but I'd feel irresponsible spending it ALL on a bag.

    Anyway, I bought a Legacy flap shoulder bag on eBay, and the seller also has the above mentioned bag ending tonight. I could very well buy both of these bags for less then retail on one!

    Is this is a nice size bag? I'm looking for something larger and I can never picture things by measurements. Insight please? The color is luscious and I think (if it's a good size) I'd be happy for a very long time if I bought this one too.

  2. What is your dream bag? How much more do you need? Can you sell anything or thing off other ways to sell money to get your dream bag?

    The reason I ask is because you shouldn't settle if at all possible, especially if today is the last day of the PCE and there is something that you know you really want...

    Don't focus on sheer quantity. Pick what you really love and will enjoy--whether it is one bag or three....:yes:
  3. I believe I have the larger version of this bag, which is REALLY roomy. I bought the smaller one like this for my mom and it is a smaller bag--roomy inside but the dimensions are smaller. You might want to take out a ruler and measure the 12 x 8 to see if it is a good choice for you....

    I will say that this style holds up very well and is very classic....very pretty--just make sure it's what YOU really long for....
  4. Well my dream DREAM bag is a Legacy shoulder in natural. But I have a dream bag "list" too which includes:

    *anything Legacy leather (which I will now have with the flap coming)
    *a larger bag for weekends, leather or not
    *a RED bag (which this Hamptons is)

    I wouldn't be settling by buying this one, it would potentially kill a couple birds with one bag stone, lol.
  5. I'm pretty petite, so this size seems perfect for me. Yea, it'd be something I really long for in that it's RED, heh..well, deep red anyway and I've wanted a "larger" bag for awhile.

    All I have are Soho small flaps, wristlets, swing packs and will now have the Legacy flap meaning I still want a bigger bag, heh.
  6. Ok! Didn't mean to sound like your mom nagging you...:p I just wanted you to spend your new found funds on something you'd love! I've settled a few times and always regretted it.

    I can't wait to see what you pick!
  7. LOL thanks :smile: I'm one of those people who find it extremely hard to spend a lot of money on one bag and with 5 kids, I've learned I sometimes have to make things work for me whether it was something I planned or not.

    I think I'd be very happy knowing I bought two bags I love for less then one costs at retail, that's a huge positive for me. (and ooooo I'm drooling over this bag, wonder if the seller would give me free shipping if I BIN? LOL I want it NOW!).
  8. hold out for this one

    maybe you can find one of these on eBay for less

    don't waste your money on one you dont LOVE LOVE

    Tejas is right, don't go for quantity, go for quality!!! :yes:
  9. Isn't Coach quality in itself? :biggrin: I've been looking for my Legacy shoulder in natural and really I just don't see me ever spending even what I'd pay on ebay for one bag, it's a weird "mother" thing for me, lol.

    Two bags that I love for less? SURE! Ohh it's so confusing :sad:
  10. I love that bag, it is beautiful. Of course, I prefer leather, simple bags.
  11. I love the style, it's classic! I did find an older version of this style bag on ebay (in red, of course), for 50 dollars less then the one I was originally going to bid on! So we'll see what I have coming after about 10 tonight :smile: