Hampton Scribble

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  1. I have this bag, but haven't used it yet because we haven't had much spring weather here yet but it's supposed to be nice tomorrow so I think I'll get it out and use it. I'm also a little worried about keeping it clean.
  2. I think it is cute, but cant see myself carrying one.
  3. I love it and got the large hobo!
  4. In general I love Scribble but strongly prefer the 2005 version over the 2007. They have that swingpack for $100 at the outlets...I just saw it today. I recently bought the large tote and the matching accessories. Today I upgraded my small wallet for the large zip around. It's really nice for summer I think!
  5. I do too. I think I will end up with something in this line when I visit the outlet this week in MD :yes:
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