Hampton Scribble

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  1. Who likes this purse??:confused1:[​IMG]
  2. Not my taste but I am sure somebody will love it.
  3. I just bought one at the outlet for my daughter. It's really cute to me.
  4. I'm not a fan of the scribble personally, but I was at the outlet yesterday and people couldn't get enough of it.

    Wouldn't life be boring if we were all the same??!
  5. I like the scribble pattern... although everytime I tried it on at the outlets in a certain bag it seemed like a diaper bag to me. :yes: I do like it though, I think it's different and fun and summery.. that said the SA reassured my thinking that it is VERY hard to keep clean. :tdown:
  6. It is cute but not for me
  7. I bought a tote a while ago, but I'm not keeping it. It makes me look like I'm about 17... however, the SA told me how easy to clean it was! She said baby wipes or dish soap would clean it right up. I'm not going to keep it and find out, but I would think it'd be hard to keep clean too!!!
  8. I also like the scribble pattern but it just isn't my thing. I think its def. cute for a summer bag for a teen/college student.
  9. It's cute!
  10. I like the scribble, it's cute, but not for me. Plus I think it would be almost impossible to keep clean.
  11. I love the scribble, just not the the bag style so much.
  12. This is the style I liked :yes:
  13. I LOVE Scribble! :love: I think the colors are really cute for Spring/Summer.
  14. I like it, I have one in the samll tote style and it's so cute and easy to clean. Not feeling it on a swingpack though.
  15. I Have one very cute :smile: I love it
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