Hampton/Optic Top handle pouch

  1. Is the 10" long strap long enough so that one can wear this purse comfortably on the shoulder? :confused1: 10" seems rather short; the straps on LV pochettes are 13" and they just fit on my shoulder.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Most pouches are a bit to small for the shoulder...but if it has the dogleash (looks like it does) you can use an amanda keyfob to make it bigger. Thats what I do with my bags during winter so they still go on the shoulder over a bulky coat.
  3. Thanks for your reply shelbell!
    I don't have any Coach purses and don't shop @ Coach often, what small bags would you recommend that fits over the shoulder?
    Are there any swing packs that don't have the "dogleash" clip?
  4. there are lots of over the shoulder bags.

    do you want a tote, hobo, or duffle?
  5. Maybe I should've been more specific; I'm looking for something that is pretty versatile, has a zip top, pretty durable/water or stain resistant fabric, maybe something about the size of...um, the small hand held scribble tote? Sorry, not sure what the name is, but the capacity of that seems perfect, I just need a shoulder one. (or messenger but a lot of Coach swing packs that I've encountered seem to be awfully thin and can't fit anything too bulky)
  6. well i am no help because pochettes fit fine over my shoulder as do all the pouches....if you are looking for something small i would get the top handle pouch and get the amanda vallete key fob to extend it.
  7. Thank you kallison and batgirl!