hampton bags at outlet

  1. Hi, do the outlets carry weekend hampton bags? If so, for how much?
  2. Hmm I didn't see any of the Spring 2006 Hamptons Line at the Vegas outlet, but I'm sure a lot of the other outlets have them in by now.

    Your best bet would be to look up the Coach outlet nearest you from www.outletbound.com and give them a call. They'd be able to tell you what exactly they have in stock & how much it's going for =)
  3. Are you talking about the black, white and khaki hamptons hobos and totes? Those were at the outlets on the July 4th weekend when I went. They had an extra 40% off and were pretty much cleaned out when I went back two days after the first trip.

    You can always call your Coach outlet and ask if they have it.