Hamptoms Weekend in Green?

  1. [​IMG]

    Did they make this color in any other bag? I thought they did? :shrugs:

    I wanted something in this color... :sad:
  2. Wow, Ive never even seen this bag in green before. So Im not sure at all about the other bags coming in this color.

  3. I know they made/make that bag in different sizes... but other than that..... :shrugs:
  4. i didn't see any on the website, i think they are sold out or something b/c of mothers day. but there are some on eBay

  5. It also comes in the current blue - batgirl has one. The boutique in town had one the last time I was there.
  6. And also comes in Gold (I guess only in dept stores though)
  7. gold, blue, and white...they are in the current catalog and were in the stores in march. i have it in blue. check the outlets because some may be popping up there.
  8. We have it in the green tote and in the barrel style at my store.
  9. I :heart: my green hamptons tote!
    Bought it the first weekend in MARCH...just cut the tags off of it last night and filled it up!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and I just ADORE the lining!

  10. Love the green color!!
  11. we sold our last tote in green on mothers day. they sold fast since green is a hot color this year. I was wanting it for myself, but someone else bought it.