Hampstead Reveal

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  1. I've never done an unboxing post, but this color is too pretty not to share.
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  2. IMG_0356.jpg
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  3. This is the small Hampstead in the light antique blue, and it is such a pretty color! Some of you may remember I started out trying to find a year-round color so looked at the brown and navy. The brown seemed too dark for summer for my wardrobe. And based on how much navy I wear and my previous experience of not using a navy bag as much as I hoped I would, I didn't think navy was my best choice. So I gave up on something that would completely work year-round and went for this gorgeous unique color that still feels pretty neutral. If I like this style as much as I think I will, I plan to get a fall and winter color later this year. The brown is beautiful, and I went to the Mulberry store in New York this week and was told there will be some additional color options in this style for FW2019.
  4. oh, what a lovely colour!!!
    perfect for Spring/Summer! very nice choice :tup: Congrats!
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  5. Very pretty and lovely colour! Congrats.
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  6. This is so pretty!!
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  7. Such a cute bag, and an amazing colour! Congratulations! :smile:
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