Hampstead question

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  1. I just bought the Hampstead and I have a question, will it eventually soften up? I find the handles are so stiff that I feel like I'm going to cut myself. It's a beautiful bag but I'm not sure if I should return it?
  2. I've just been to a second hand lv store and I've handled numerous hampsteads that have softened but I notice that the part of the straps along the buckle had wrinkles in them.
  3. The handles on mine have softened a fair bit with use, but there is that problem with the handles getting wrinkly. It's not something you notice from far away, and I have to say the bag still looks really great, but I'm just not as in love with it as I used to be, I guess.
  4. ^^^I'm wondering if this is only a problem for the MM and GM sizes? I'm thinking of getting a PM in ebene at some point and the wrinkles will bug me. The buckles of the PM are similar to my ebene papillon, which are not wrinkly at all, so I'm thinking that this should not be a problem with the PM? Any comments from PM owners? TIA!
  5. I recently (a little over a week ago) sold my Galliera PM to fund the Hampstead MM (I was tired of the black marks on my Galliera). I have been using my Hampstead daily for about a week, the first couple of days the handles were so hard and kind of sharp but I can say they are softer as the days go by and I'm really happy with my purchase, IMO it is a stunning, underated bag.
  6. yes imo, mine has...GL
  7. Azur or Ebene? very different handles, I find the Ebene handles to be stiffer while the vachetta leather on the Azur soften nicely as all vachetta does with time.
  8. so you think the sharpness of the handles will soften? I think it's such a beautiful bag but I don't want to get stuck with a bag that I won't use.
  9. Mine has, but I have it in Azur... and I have noticed that the sharpness of the handles has softened.
  10. ITA. It's beautiful.
  11. My Hampstead is new and I don't find the handles to be that stiff as you describe them to be. I wear bag nicely and nothing bothers me about the handles though I do put them on the last hole. Maybe if they were on the 1st or 2nd hole I would find it uncomfortable to wear the bag.