Hampstead question

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  1. For those who own or have tried on the PM or MM, is the majority of the bag bulky, especially when worn over the shoulder? Trying to find a no-fuss shoulder bag but don't want to fight with it. I want it to be comfortable..thanks!
  2. I've tried the PM that really a handheld bag, I've seen the MM and GM but not tried them, I thought the GM looked a little strange because the sides seems so long almost like a triangle.

    I think MM is the best all round size but I haven't tried it over the shoulder
  3. i've tried on both the mm and gm sizes and both are indeed bulky. the mm would more than enough suit what most people carry and the gm is just a really gigantic bag. the bottom does bulk out which makes it similar to the saleya base. the straps and the fit is comfy but the base does make your arm angle out due to the depth of the bag. HTH! :smile:
  4. I have the hampstead pm, indeed it does feel bulky on my shoulder.
    The saleya pm is a lot better. Of course, I am only 5'1.5 and weight less than 100lbs.

    Now the damier saleya pm is my favorite one :yes:
  5. Well that's good to know. I'm petite as well so no bulky bags for me! :smile: