Hampstead question

  1. I haven't been able to see this bag IRL yet, but I was wondering if the brass plate on the bag is really obvious/stands out in any way? I'd like to get the MM to use for work but I don't want something flashy. TIA!
  2. I have seen it and I exspected to dislike the plate but it is fine, does not stand out too much and is only on one side-so you can simply turn it around and nobody sees it!
  3. I have the MM size and have been using it as a purse and tote bag (when it's fully opened). No, I don't think the brass plate really stands out. But, you can always turn the bag around with the plate closer to your body if you don't want it to show. The bag looks nice either way!
  4. I think it looks classy. It takes a rather plain style and makes it look:yes: more special.
  5. I saw it IRL and I LOVE it. I really want one!!!
  6. i think the brass plate makes it a completely different bag. it's not too blingy but i think it definitely belongs on this bag to give it some oomph. i think you'll love it and if you are concerned, turn it the other way as others have suggested. i've tried on the MM and it's a great comfy tote.
  7. I think the plate just makes it look classy! Get one, get one!!:graucho: I am also hoping to get the same bag for work.
  8. Thanks for the replies! I didn't want to have to be constantly bothered to turn it around so it doesn't face the outside. But since it's not blingy/obvious, I'm leaving it as my reward for when I get a new job! I'll need a new bag for work, anyway.
  9. I saw the PM today it is so cute it would be a perfect work bag
  10. does anyone have pics wearing the pm/mm hampstead? i just saw a pic of it on eluxury today and am loving it. i am seriously thinking about ordering one, but am not sure of which size to get.
  11. Here are some pictures of my hampstead mm. It will be a very nice work bag.
    Hampstead MM speedy 25.JPG Hampstead MM on Shoulder.JPG Hampstead MM.JPG
  12. thank you so much lvsforme for posting those pics.. at first glance, i think the MM will be much too big for me.. as i carry nothing more than some makeup, a wallet, and a key pouch... hmm, maybe i should get an agenda, but i would have nothing to write in there, hehe. i love how your hamstead looks on you and your beautiful furniture. i think i'll go try on the pm tomorrow. :yes:
  13. You are welcome! PM is very nice too. It is much smaller than MM, but very cute and classic at the same time. I maybe getting a PM later too. Good luck and hope you find the perfect bag soon! :smile:
  14. wow! you look great with this bag, how tall are you? the mm doesnt look that big on you, i expected it to be much bigger than a bh
  15. [​IMG]
    is this a 30 next to the hampstead mm???