Hampstead question...

  1. Hello everyone, first i want to thank everyone for allways answering my many questions, there is no LV where i live and you guys are wonderful and very helpful. I fell in love with hampstead and would like to know if this is going to be permanent bag and after its release can i just go to the store and buy it or do i have to order it and then wait. I like to go to the boutique and check out the bag i want and then buy it. Thank you everyone for your being so sweet and answering my many questions. I love TPF and you are a great bunch of people.:heart:
  2. I'm not sure about its permanency
    When it released, you can just buy it at the store or order it throught 1866 VUITTON
  3. I think it's permanent but I'm not 100% certain
  4. It can't hurt to call your store and get one reserved. I love this bag!
  5. yes it is a permanent bag so you won't have any trouble getting it.
  6. ^ yup. id call 1866 to see if they can get one for ya!
  7. It's permanent line
  8. Call 866 they should be able to assist you in reserving one for purchase.
  9. Nothing like going into the boutique to pick out the bag you love & taking it home though!
  10. I saw the Hampstead PM at Neiman's today. It is really nice, but too small for me. They didn't have the MM or GM yet. All will be available for sale April 1.
  11. Thanks everyone, as allways you were a big help !!!
  12. i saw all 3 Hampstead sizes at the boutique today and they are beautiful. it's always good to put yourself on the wait list and reserve your own as they may be snatched up quick in the beginning. doesn't hurt to stake your claim on one now. good luck!
  13. I'm thinking it permanent