Hampstead PM, Saleya PM or Speedy 30 ?

  1. I'd love to buy an classic bag for every day next week! Not too big, but pracitcal!
    - Hampstead PM
    - Speedy 30 Damier ( I own a Speedy Epi red, and Mini Lin Dune)
    - Saleya PM (Damier Ebene)
    What are your suggestions/recommandations, ladies?
    Is the Hampstead a practical bag (without a zip!!)?:confused1:
    Thanks so much!:heart:
  2. I think as a practical I would get either the Hampstead Pm or the Saleya in Damier. This way there are no worries about rain or snow. Some people have said the Hampstead is not that comfortable on the shoulder do to the wide bottom. I'm going to Lv On wednesday to get a bag that is bit more practical also. It is between these two and the speedy 30 in damier. Let us know what you decide. Right now I'm leaning towards the Speedy 30 but I like the open top of the hampstead easier to get things out of it. When the arm is over it no one else can get in it. good luck
  3. How funny - you have the same "problem" like me and the same bags to make your choice!!;) I love the Speedy, but Speedies aren't so cofortable to open! All the same the Speedy is one of my favorite bags from LV, because I like the shape very much!
    The Hampstead looks nice and easy to handle. Let me know what YOU decide. Good luck to you!:smile:
  4. Thanks, I will let you know.
  5. i like the look of the hampstead but open top bags worry me a bit. I think the salyea is a good idea, some more petite people have said they can carry it on the shoulder; it’s a nice shape and has a zip top. I also love the damier speedy (have one myself) but it is handheld only but fits heaps!
  6. I tried on the Hampstead and fell in love. So I would personally go with that. The reason why I like that the best of the ones on your list is because of the open top! That way you can see the red peaking through up at the top -- it really sets off the Damier pattern and looks sooooooooo good, IMO! I know LOTS on here seem to like the Saleya, but to me, the Hampstead is a knock out -- I want one, too!
  7. mommylovesbags, thank you! I know that many people like the Saleya very much, but for me it's a little bit too much a "shopping bag", it's not so elegant! :rolleyes:I like more the Hampstead or the Speedy, because this two bags I can wear also at the evening.:yes: I'll see next week, thanks!
  8. Saleya!!! It's a wonderful bag! With the chunky round gold hardware, I do find that it can be dressed up.
    It is practical and beautiful.
  9. I'd choose the speedy 30; the other 2 bags just don't wow me.
  10. Oh, I can't wait to see the Saleya when I wear it. I saw it on the store, but I never weared it myself. Thank you!:smile:
  11. The Speedy is my love too - I like this bag in every style: Epi, Mono, Damier, Mini Lin. Can't wait to go to the store! Thank you!:smile:
  12. Hampstead looks more elegant but Saleya is more practical. I vote for Hampstead.
  13. damier saleya PM :smile: in azur :smile:
  14. Hampstead!! Love it :biggrin:
  15. i think hampstead is really really pretty!