Hampstead PM or Verona PM?

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  1. My two candidates for my next ebene bag.
    Not sure when to get it yet, either for my birthday in November or Christmas.
    I'm leaning towards the Hampstead, as it is slightly bigger than Verona.
    I've tried Verona in the store but not the Hampstead.
    Which would you go for and why?
    For owners, could you share what you do not like about your bag, if you do have dislikes. TIA! :flowers:
  2. Hampstead. Verona PM is kind of small.
  3. Thanks Wild Child! I am leaning towards the Hampstead, just wish I can visit Vancouver so I can try it.
  4. I also prefer the hampstead pm. I agree that the verona pm is too small.
  5. I own the Hampstead MM and found it great - you can throw things in there without thinking about it - and also I love the plate on the front.

    I found the PM a bit too small when I tried it on in the store. Have you seen it IRL at the store?
  6. Thanks Coleab5....I wish I tried to put my things in the Verona when I tried it on. I do remember thinking it might be too tight.

    NeedLV...I'm going to try PM and MM for sure..my friend has the MM but she says it gets heavy on her after a while. Thanks for your input!
  7. Hampstead. I don't like the bulkiness and stiffness of the Verona.
  8. I prefer Hampstead! The I love the lining and the inventeur plate makes it look so elegant.
  9. Hampstead!
  10. Sorry to hijack but does the Hampstead PM have similar capacity to a Speedy 25? Or more like a 30? And it can be comfortably worn on the shoulder?
  11. Another vote for Hampstead MM:smile:
  12. Hampstead pm is beautiful IMO
  13. Thank you guys. More Hampstead fans, which confirms what I am leaning towards.
    I can't believe I never tried this at the store before!