Hampstead or Trevi???

  1. Hi guys.. this is my first post and I hope you guys can help me decide..

    I just bought a Hampstead PM 2 weeks ago and I love it. I've not used it yet, in fact I have a BH, a neverfull GM and a speedy azur that I bought and have yet to use. Anyway, I fell in love with the Trevi. But my hubz has banned me from buying another bag till year end since I'm gonna give birth in 6 weeks and we need to sort our finances.

    The big question is, should i keep the hampstead and lust over the trevi? Or should I exchange the hampstead for the trevi? Help me cos I can't decide...

    TIA :smile:
  2. Get the trevi ... it is a fantastic shape:heart:
  3. I love the hapmstead mm! The trevi is cute too though! I am not much help am I? LOL!
  4. Exchange the hampstead for the trevi. The trevi is so cute and a brand new bag - just released!
  5. I vote for the Trevi! :yes:
  6. the trevi is beautiful~~!!! but i think the hampstead might be a better baby bag!!!
  7. Trevi! I love the shape of the Trevi. The Hampstead seems a bit boring to me in comparison to the Trevi.
  8. I also vote for the Trevi.
    It is so versatile. It can be hand held, on your shoulder by the handles or by the strap.
    It's perfect for a diaper bag. Congrats on your upcoming birth! (B or G?)
  9. If you won't use the Hampstead then I would get the trevi.:yes:
  10. I have both and I would prefer Trevi over hampstead. Depending what your needs are, hampstead is great tote for work files and such
  11. ^^^ Yup!
  12. Thanks lovelies for your replies :heart:

    I have decided to hold on to the hampstead as i think its more ideal as a diaper bag. And I love the gold plaque on it. Trevi would have to go on my wishlist but i hope to have her in my arms by year-end, unless of cos LV comes up with another gorgeous bag.

  13. I also vote for the Trevi.
  14. I vote for the Hampstead. The Trevi looks so "bulky" to me - i don't like it.
  15. Exchange it for the Trevi !!!!!
    The Hamstead, althought pretty in it's own right, is pretty similar to the BH in shape and function.
    The Trevi can be worn several different ways and if you get the GM, it can also be used when BB arrives !!
    Congrats on the coming BB and let us know what you decide !!! (and you only have 6 weeks to decide, lol !!!!!)