Hampstead or Neverfull?

  1. Which is better to get?
  2. i have the hampstead and i adore it so it gets my vote. i'm not a fan of the thin straps on the neverfull..
  3. I prefer Neverfull :yahoo::heart:
  4. neither one.
  5. Does anyone have a picture wearing a hampstead GM?

    I just got the neverfull MM this past weekend to wear as a work bag but now i'm craving something Damier.
  6. Thank you! :yes: Do you have the PM or MM? Which do you think is more useful?
  7. How do you like it? Is it comfy to carry?
  8. i dont have either one but sure love hampstead :smile:
  9. It would depend on what you want and what size you are. I tried the hampstead but the structured bottom didnt feel too comfortable.

    If you're looking for comfort, the neverfull MM would be comfortable to carry but I heard some ladies had a problem with the drawstring at the sides that keep on slipping. I just saw someone tie both ends together - sort of like a V. You can probably try this, too.

    But my vote goes to the hampstead MM!! Hope this helps...
  10. Thank you! I will probably get the hampstead then. :yes:
  11. Hampstead!
  12. Hampstead hands down! I have the MM and I constantly use it. It's comfy, big enough, chic enough... it's just great IMO!
  13. Neverfull MM....So beautifull I love it
  14. I like the Neverfull.
  15. Hampstead - I like how it has more structure - plus its in Damier :biggrin: