Hampstead MM

  1. I did a search on this but it came up with way too many results (and none specific)

    Does anyone own a Hampstead MM and do you like it? Any modeling pics perhaps?
    I have been eyeing a Tivoli GM but then I came across this and it caught my attention...
  2. I know what you mean, I really like the hampstead too, and i haven't seen many modeling pics.

  3. Oh lol, guessed I missed that! Thanks!!!!
  4. Try search the Celebrity and LV section on the last 2 pages. There was a Malaysian celebrity toting Hampstaed too!!
  5. the hampstead is stiff at the bottom. Therefore you will find that it is quite chunky if for shoulder carrying.
  6. I don't have one yet... I REALLY want one! I sold my damier speedy to my best friend and now I need a new damier piece to replace it!
  7. Here's a couple of photos of my new Hampstead MM. Also, there is a photo of our LV family.

    I haven't used it much since I purchased -- I got it in the St. Thomas boutique a couple of weeks ago. The straps are really stiff and are going to take some serious breaking-in time. Tough work, but someone's got to do it!

    hamstead_1.jpg hamstead_2.jpg lv_collection.jpg
  8. OMG - i have been lusting after the hampstead (either the PM or MM) but couldn't justify how i could maintain the inner suede like lining.

    Balto Bag Lady - how has your bag's lining been? I'm torn over the fact that it doesn't have the same lining as my damier speedy which would make it a lot more easier to wipe clean - and i'm just so scared that since it's an open bag, it'll be prone to dirt and the like....and the stiff bottom also bothered me a bit because i tried carrying it on my shoulder and my arm just tends to stick out LOL but nonetheless, it's a BEAUTIFUL bag! i love the brass plate on the front! thanks for sharing the modelling pics!
  9. I haven't been able to use it much yet. The lining is alcantra, I believe, like my Viva Cite. I use that bag (VC) all of the time for several years and have never had trouble with the lining. I change out my bags all of the time, but they never get dirty inside. The Hampstead, while technically an open tote, does have a clasp closure and it cinches up at the top with two snaps. While it's under your arm, you shouldn't have any difficulty. As I said in my first post, it needs some breaking in time, because the leather is very stiff. I think it will be fine for my needs. What kind of lining does the Damier Speedy have? I thought it looked the same as the Hamstead.
    The bag was so stiff when I brought it home (because it was stored folded) that I filled it with books and hung it on a clothes rack for about 24 hours and it straightened out.
  10. That looks great on you....and your collection is GORGEOUS!!

    I love the classy look of the Hampstead!
  11. Judy thanks so much for replying to my questions! The damier speedy's lining is different - i'm not sure what it's called, but i've felt both the linings of the damier speedy and the hampstead and the hampstead's much softer (and more beautiful IMHO)....it must mean that i have to clean up my act and start being a little bit neater and more careful with my stuff! LOL :smile: :graucho: thanks again!
  12. I have the Hampstead PM with the same alcantra lining and yes, its butter soft!! My favorite bag! Anyway, it really doesn't attract any more dirt because its an open top and if you just keep your spillable stuff inside other bags, like make up bags, it shouldn't be a problem.

    Judy, your bag looks gorgeous on you, I'm seriously thinking of getting the MM now.
  13. I have the hampstead pm and I have had it since early september when I bought it in vegas...

    The interior is pretty clean! Its not that hard to maintain! I posted a picture of my bag for you to see! I thought that I was gonna buy the MM too and the SA insisted that I was gonna be back for the pm. Lol she was right!

    The bottom is stiff and you have to kind of hold it behind your back because otherwise it does not sit on your side very well! Gorgeous though! I actually love the stiffness of the bag and that is why I bought it! I was about the get the neverfull but then the SA pointed out the saggy bottom (Pet peeve)!

    This bag is also great because of the dark colored leather handles! This way you don't have to worry about the dirty handles! My handles are still stiff even though this is the LV that I have used the most! (but I love it!) Also to give you a sense of the durability of the bag...I bought this bag as a "rain/everyday" bag! (but it is mostly carried in the rain)
  14. opps here is the picture...
    LV collection (part 1) 007.jpg