Hampstead MM or Totally MM

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  1. I currently have the totally mm and debating on getting the Hampstead MM. Would you give up the totally mm for the hampstead mm?

    I am so indecisive rite now uhh... I tried the hampstead mm on in the store I liked the bag overall just the straps seemed stiff to me.
  2. I had and just recently sold my Hampstead Damier MM. I loved the bag but the straps were a little stiff. It also wasn't getting carried much over the last six months. In terms of looks, I prefer the Hampstead, the Totally is probably more practical.
  3. I like the look of the Totally better. The Hampstead looks a little too old-fashioned for my tastes.
  4. totally!

  5. or the artsy or a galliera?? lol hmmm
  6. I like the Totally for it's functionality, but I like the looks of the Hampstead better, however I have never tried it on IRL. I haven't tried on the artsy so I can't comment on that (I LOVE the way it looks!), but if you're thinking about the galliera i would get that in a heartbeat! Good luck with your decision!
  7. hmm decisions decisions lol!
  8. get galleria to accompany neverfull
  9. galliera!!!!
  10. Totally MM :yes:
  11. I'd go with a Galliera..but out of the two you have...i agree that the hampstead straps just don't seem as comfortable as the totally...
  12. Yeah I kind of felt that way when I tried the hampstead on tonight.. IDK.. do you gals feel that the Galliera isn't very practical when it comes to getting in and out of your purse easily?
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    I have the hampstead in mm , i use my alots but i have to agree with everyone here the straps just not comforable.....( still hampstead looks better )

  14. Of those two, I'd get the Artsy. If between the Hampstead and Totally, get the Hampstead.
  15. lol... so galliera vs artsy... hmmm