Hampstead MM or Montorgueil GM??


Hampstead MM or Motorgueil GM

  1. Hampstead MM

  2. Motorgueil GM

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  1. I just cant decide!!! And I can only have one of them. I tried on the Monty today and loved it but was also loving the hampstead mm...:love:

    What do you guys think? Having a bag with or without a zipper isnt a big deal for me. I just really want both:cursing:

    **i know i mispelled montorgueil on the title & the poll, hopefully the mods can correct it for me**
  2. I chose the hamstead. I have and love this bag. I am not a fan of the motorgueil at all.
  3. Motorgueil GM!!!! I am dying for this bag to come to the US.
  4. I've always thought the Hampstead had such a pretty shape to it!
  5. monty!
  6. Motorgueil GM
  7. my vote is for the hamstead...
  8. hampstead....I want this one in azur...did you think about the berkley in ebene...I own it and LOVE it...my favorite bag!!!!
  9. At first when I saw the Hampstead I liked it alot..but after seeing the monty oohhh the monty without no doubt !!
  10. I actually like them both and would want both, but I have the monty. I've never tried on the Hampstead, but love the style of it. I love the monty, because of the style and size of it. And it is a very comfy bag! I esp. like the size of the straps! Whichever one you choose, they are both great bags! I guess it depends which one are you drawn to more?
  11. Hampstead MM!
  12. My vote goes for the HAMPSTEAD MM .... :tup:
  13. Monty!!!
  14. im going to ahve to go with the monty just because it has a zipper closure!
  15. Hampstead for me, I'm not a fan of the Montorgueil.