Hampstead MM or Cabbas Piano?

  1. Does anyone who have the Hampstead MM have pics of what it can hold or, even better a pic side by side next to the Cabbas Piano? Also, can it be worn over the shoulder and what is the cost?

    I've wanted a Cabbas Piano forever, but the new Hampstead may be eaiser to care for and I have too many mono pieces. I'm not able to get to LV until possibly this weekend and I'd like to know more about the bag before I call and put on on hold.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. ahh good post! I'm curious too!

    it's between the BH, cabas piano, and one of the hampstead for me. hey maybe we should get a different bag and then share =P
  3. Haha, I have the BH already...you can borrow!
    That means you need to get one of the other ones!!!!
  4. ^ hahaha! ok in that case, it's back to square 1. cabas or hampstead? :p
  5. Go w/ the Hampstead...
  6. Hampstead! I'm not crazy about the shape of the cabas in piano size.
  7. I saw the Hampstead today IRL. It's beautiful! And unique.
  8. ^^^thanks for that link. i think i need a hampstead (and the cabbas piano too). The Hampstead looks like a bigger regular batignolles in the pix. Anyone know the price? they're gone from elux so can't find the price.
  9. I believe the MM is $1,090.
  10. Wife has a reg. batignolles. This bag is much, much bigger; it out getting heatstamped or I would show you the comparison. PM~890 MM-1090 GM~1290
  11. Hmmm...sounds big....I wonder if the PM can be a shoulder bag? Anyone knows?

    Thanks everyone for the prices.

    I am kinda getting obsessed with this bag!
  12. hampstead, especially if you already have a few mono pieces. :yes:
  13. ^^^Haha, a few mono pieces would be an understatement. LOL
  14. I recently purchased the Cabas Piano and today I bought the Hampstead. I say......get both!!! :party: